The Spirit Siphon is out now!

SiphonCoverSmallIt’s been a rough year with a bunch of delays on the book, but at last I can happily say that the fourth Magebreakers novel is out! The Spirit Siphon is available now on,,, or various other Amazons of your choice. I hope everyone enjoys Tane and Kadka’s continued adventures!

Here’s the blurb:

When an airship crashes under mysterious circumstances, the Magebreakers find themselves embroiled in an investigation that takes them across the Audish Channel to foreign shores. In Belgrier, many blame Audish sabotage for the accident, and for the death of the influential nobleman on board—a dear friend of the Belgrian Kaiser. And if Tane and Kadka can’t prove otherwise, it could become a diplomatic catastrophe.

But the suspicion of a government that views all Audlanders as dangerous pro-magical radicals isn’t the Magebreakers’ greatest concern. Nor is the constant obstruction of the Belgrian Guardswoman assigned to supervise them. It’s the possibility that an outside hand is influencing events—an enemy they’ve encountered before.

Endo Stooke.

And if the would-be emperor gets his way, it’s going to mean war.

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6 Responses to The Spirit Siphon is out now!

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry to bother you, but are there plans to publish a paperback edition of The Spirit Siphon? I greatly prefer physical books to ebooks and I love the Magebreakers and just wondered if I’ll be able to add The Spirit Siphon to my bookshelf next to the previous entries into the series.

    • bensdobson says:

      It absolutely is coming out in paperback like the others, it just always takes me a bit to get it properly formatted and such. You’ll be able to have the complete collection, don’t worry!

      • Chris says:

        Fantastic! Really looking forward to it. Also just wanted to say that I really enjoy all your other works as well and look forward to reading all future books you write, not just the Magebreakers ones. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • bensdobson says:

      Thanks for the kind words! I have a great fondness for my non-Magebreakers books, I’m glad people are still enjoying them. Also, I thought I should let you know that the paperback is available now. Here’s a link:

  2. Daniel says:

    Any plans for books 3 and 4 in the Magebreakers to be sold on Audible?

    • bensdobson says:

      Hey Daniel–it’s not currently in the works. The publisher of the first 2 audiobooks didn’t pick up the next 2. Sorry! I’m interested in getting it done at some point but I’d have to take it into my own hands and writing the next books takes priority right now.

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