The Windwalker Legacy

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View the map of the Nine Peaks.

Book One: The Swampling King

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Centuries ago, the monsters called Deeplings crawled out from beneath the earth, patchwork creatures pieced together from all the things that crawl and rot in the dirt. Where they went, corruption followed. The world was shrouded in dark mist and twisted into an endless, sunless swamp.

To save their people, the eagle-eyed prophets of the Sky God known as the Windwalkers raised nine cities out of the mist on nine mountaintops, creating the kingdom of the Nine Peaks—and leaving behind those they blamed for calling the Deeplings forth. Ever since, those born to the sunlight of the Peaks have been at war with those who dwell in the eternal darkness of the Swamp.

Now, five hundred years later, something new is stirring beneath the mist, and change is coming.

A prince of the Nine Peaks finds himself doubting the righteousness of an endless war.

A young swampling woman seeks a way to bring her people into the light.

Deeplings creep out of the mist at night in greater numbers than ever before.

And from the dark of the Swamp comes a boy with the eyes of an eagle, who holds the future of two peoples in his hands.

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