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 Dennon Lark is a Scriber, a scholar of the Kingsland’s forgotten past.  He wants nothing more than to be left alone in his self-imposed exile, but when a group of rebels called the Burners attack the Kingsland with mysterious sorcery, Scriber Dennon’s research into the realm’s history may hold the only way to stop them.

Trusted only by Bryndine Errynson—the King’s infamous warrior niece—and her company of female soldiers, Scriber Dennon must uncover the Kingsland’s past in order to preserve its future.

3 Responses to Scriber

  1. Risha says:

    My friend Nicola lent me this book because of my love for fantasy, and I absolutely loved it! Amazing story, beautiful characters, I started reading it yesterday with the intention of casually reading it and I couldn’t stop thinking about it and couldn’t put it down today when I picked it this morning. I hope there are more stories coming in the world of Kingsland! Thank you for writing, it was beautiful! Definitely up there with my favorites!

    • bensdobson says:

      I’m glad you liked it, Risha, and thank you very much for the enthusiasm!

      I’m not currently planning anything set in the Kingsland, though. Scriber was written to stand alone as a complete story, and I don’t want to ruin it. I might go back someday to the same setting, but I prefer to leave these particular characters alone to live their lives in peace after what they’ve been through. Another book would mean something else bad has to happen to them, and I think once is enough for that sort of thing.

      I have, however, written another novel, so feel free to check out The Swampling King and see if it sounds interesting. You can find out more about it here on the site. Otherwise, I’ve got some other things coming soon, so hopefully you’ll find some more characters that appeal to you in there!

      • Risha says:

        That is sad but fair enough! They have gone through quite a bit of hell, so they do deserve some peace and quiet.

        I will definitely pick up a copy of The Swampling King soon! I look forward to reading more of your work!

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