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The Magebreakers novels follow a pair of magicless investigator of the magical–the human Tane Carver and the half-orc Kadka. Join them in their adventures through the fantastic nation of the Audland Protectorate and beyond, as they solve murders and deal with mages and magical creatures of all kinds.

Book 1: The Flaw in All Magic

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In a city of magic, it takes a man with none to solve an impossible murder.

When an old friend is murdered on campus at the University of Thaless, disgraced ex-student Tane Carver is called in to help investigate. The catch is, he was kicked out when it was discovered that he’d lied about being able to use magic himself. Now he’s going to have to prove his worth without a single spell to his name. And the only one on his side is Kadka, the half-crazy half-orc who’s decided they’re partners whether he likes it or not. Can Tane and Kadka find a murderous mage before he finds them?

Book 2: The Emperor’s Mask

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cover 7When a masked killer starts murdering the non-magical scions of Senate houses and leaving taunting messages for the Magebreakers, Tane and Kadka are called in for questioning. Drawn into the case to prove their innocence, they soon find that Audish politics are as dangerous as any Porthaven back-alley. Surrounded by the most powerful figures in the Protectorate, every one with a different agenda, it’s impossible to tell allies from enemies. But they’ll have to find someone to trust if they’re going to bring the killer to justice.

Their lives–and the future of the nation–depend on it.

Book 3: The Dragon Machine

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dragonmachinesmallWhen a goblin girl named Tinga Vreeg goes missing, it seems like a tragic consequence of the atmosphere of hostility and anger toward the non-magical. But when Tane and Kadka investigate, they find a much deeper mystery. Tinga isn’t the only one missing–and she might have been on the trail of something important herself.
Maybe something that can explain the impossible strength and speed of the killers trying to track her down. Or the silver fire burning in their eyes.

But one thing is certain: if Tane and Kadka don’t find her first, someone is going to make sure that Tinga never tells anyone what she knows.

Book 4: The Spirit Siphon

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SiphonCoverSmallWhen an airship crashes under mysterious circumstances, the Magebreakers find themselves investigating on foreign shores. In Belgrier, many blame Audish sabotage for the accident, and for the death a dear friend of the Belgrian Kaiser. And if Tane and Kadka can’t prove otherwise, it could become a diplomatic catastrophe. But an even greater concern is the possibility that an outside hand is influencing events—an enemy the Magebreakers have encountered before.

Endo Stooke.

And if the would-be emperor gets his way, it’s going to mean war.