The Mage War is out now!

The Mage War is out now on Amazon, grab it here! This is the big finish, the explosive finale! Hope you like it! And if you want to support me further, you can sign up for my Patreon here, and get this book free as an ebook, as well as any I release from here out, plus more exclusive benefits!

Here’s the blurb:

The nations of the Continent are on the verge of declaring war with Audland over the actions of the man who would be the next Mage Emperor, and only Tane, Kadka, Indree, and Tinga know the truth about Endo Stooke’s plot. The problem is, they’re on the run, blamed for the attempted assassination of the Belgrian Kaiser. And the non-magical forces gathering off Audland’s coast are the perfect target for the terrible spell Endo has created—a spell that saps the life out of anyone without magic. A spell that won’t be sated by foreign armies alone, if it reaches Audish shores.

With few friends to count on, fewer resources, and time quickly running out, the Magebreakers have no choice but to sneak back into their homeland as fugitives in the hopes of stopping Endo before he plunges the world into the next Mage War.

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2 Responses to The Mage War is out now!

  1. Xyvah says:

    Would I be a terrible person if I said I don’t want it to end?? Can’t you just keep writing more adventures with Tane and Kadka? lol

    • bensdobson says:

      Not terrible at all! I totally get not wanting things to end, and I’m glad you enjoy them that much. I may return to the Magebreakers in time, but I’ve been writing these books for while now without anything between, and right now I need to work on some other stuff. I’d only do Tane and Kadka a disservice by writing something without inspiration.

      Also, while there may be more later, I believe good stories do deserve endings, and characters deserve a break now and then. I don’t like to imagine a world in which characters I like do nothing but suffer through ever-escalating trials and dangers for their entire lives–they’ve earned a rest and some happiness! So, to give them that, this particular part of their story has to come to a close. I hope you like how it wraps up!

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