Sample of The Emperor’s Mask

The next Magebreakers novel is coming along quickly, and should be ready near the end of the year. For now, enjoy the first few chapters! And if you like it, sign up here to receive an email when it’s released.

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The Emperor’s Mask

Work is progressing quickly on the next Magebreakers novel, titled The Emperor’s Mask. These books are very quick to write, so it ought to be a matter of months. If you enjoyed The Flaw in All Magic, check back here often for updates on the release! Or just sign up for my mailing list to be notified when it comes out.

Here’s a quick blurb about the plot:

Someone is killing the non-magical members of Senate houses–those who might one day be named Protector of the Realm. And that someone is leaving taunting messages for the Magebreakers beside symbols of a shadowy organization known as the Knights of the Emperor. Under suspicion from the constabulary, Tane and Kadka are drawn into the investigation to prove their innocence.

What they find is that Audish politics are as dangerous as any Porthaven back-alley. Suddenly, they’re surrounded by the most powerful figures in the Protectorate, every one with a different agenda. Telling allies from enemies has never been harder, but Tane and Kadka will have to find someone to trust if they’re going bring the killer to justice.

Their lives–and the future of the nation–depend on it.

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The Flaw in All Magic

My latest novel is out: The Flaw in All Magic, book one of the Magebreakers series. It’s a fantasy mystery thriller set in a world of magic-powered steampunk-like technology. I’m going to be writing these (or other shorter novels like them) fairly regularly, to fill the space between longer releases, because I don’t want to go another five years between books. I hope you like it!

You can get it here on

Or on

And here’s a synopsis:

In a city that runs on magic, it takes a man with none to solve an impossible murder.

Tane Carver was once the best student at the world’s most prestigious university of magical technology, even as a human amid elves and gnomes and sprites and more. The only problem was, he couldn’t cast a single spell. And when the truth came out, everything he’d worked for came crashing down.

But when a student is murdered on campus behind supposedly unbreakable wards, Tane is summoned to figure out how. Should be easy enough, for the man who fooled the university’s best diviners and detection spells for years. Except he’s not counting on the head constable being an old flame who isn’t so fond of him anymore. Or on Kadka, the half-crazy half-orc who insists she’s his partner—whether he likes it or not.

Not to mention the masked mage who keeps trying to kill him.

Now, Tane’s survival depends on the one truth that has never failed him. The flaw in all magic that those who have it prefer to ignore: the mage.

Outsmart the mage, and you outsmart the spell.

And outsmarting mages is what Tane does best.

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Swampling King in Paperback

The Swampling King is out in paperback.  If that’s what you’re into, grab it on Createspace (where I get a higher cut in royalties) or on Amazon if you prefer.

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The Swampling King is out now!

TSK_final3It’s live! Grab it at, or another Amazon of your choice. It’s been a big chunk of my life getting it done and I’m feeling pretty good about it! Thanks to everyone who stuck it out this long, and I hope you enjoy it.

Now I just have to make sure the next one comes a little faster. I’m starting work on the paperback immediately, and once that’s done, it’s right back to work on book two!

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It’s done!

On this, the 21st of December, 2016, I have finished the primary writing of the Swampling King.

It was a long time coming, years more than I expected, and a hundred thousand plus extra words, but it’s done.  There is still editing to do, and that will take some time, but I expect to release very early in the new year.

Not much else to say about it except Oh My God It’s DONE, I can’t believe it’s done, praise the sweet lord baby Santa Claus it’s done!

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The End is Near

I posted the same thing on Facebook, but I’m insanely close to finished, midway through writing the big finale.  In celebration, here’s a little excerpt I posted there.  It gives some information on what one of the Deeplings–the monsters of the piece–looks like, and the general unpleasantness of being near it.

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