A map!

The Nine Peaks Ben Dobson 90dpi

I am thrilled to present the map of the Nine Peaks, done by the incredible Jared Blando of theredepic.com.

The Nine Peaks is a kingdom of nine cities on nine mountains, raised above the endless Swamp by the Windwalkers centuries ago.  This map showcases a few of the details that distinguish each duchy in the Peaks:  the many levels leading up to the Godspire in the Plateaus, the sprawling vineyards beneath Orim’s Tower in Orimscourt, the frozen alpine basin of Whitelake, and more.  From these mountain cities, the Knights of the Storm wage an endless war against the Swamp-dwellers in the name of their Sky-God. The people of the Peaks are firm in the belief that destroying the Swamplings will end the attacks of the savage abominations that creep out of the mist at night: the Deeplings, monsters born of the rot and foul things that crawl deep beneath the earth.

Beneath the duchies, impenetrable mist and thick tree cover shroud the Swamp in eternal darkness.  Bands of semi-nomadic Swamplings hunt wildlife and collect fresh water in the shadow of the mountains to bring back to their Kinhome in the barren east–a haven safe from the merciless purges of the mountain people they know as “highlanders”.   But there are other dangers east of the Nine Peaks: the Deeplings are plentiful there, and they are always looking for prey.  The deepcraft practiced by some few of the Swamplings holds them at bay for now–but perhaps not forever.

Well, that description got away from me a bit, but there you have it: an overly dramatic explanation of the world of the Windwalker Legacy.  Imagine it in movie-trailer voice.  I hope you enjoy the map as much as I do!

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Swampling King cover and another excerpt


Blam, a cover.  Insanely awesome, I know.  My thanks to the very talented Janette Ramos for her amazing work.  And to further celebrate, click here for a new excerpt from the book.  And for the sake of completeness, here are excerpts one and two, posted previously.

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Interview and Giveaway

I’ve got an interview up on the site of one Michael Long that some of you might find interesting, and an ebook giveaway as well, so tell anyone who hasn’t got a copy of Scriber yet!  Check it out here:


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Another Excerpt

I’m posting another excerpt from the Swampling King today, because I feel like it, and I’m the boss around these parts, darn it.

It’s the second chapter from Zerill’s viewpoint; you can read the first one here if you haven’t yet.  There are other viewpoint characters, of course, and these two chapters don’t actually occur directly side-by-side in the book, I just chose this one because it’s is a pretty direct continuation of the first excerpt.  Enjoy it below the break!


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A Swampling King excerpt, because of guilt

Because I never post anything here, and I feel bad about that, here is the first scene of my next book, The Swampling King.  It’ll probably get a few more passes before I’m done the book, so don’t hold me to anything, I just wanted to post something.


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A New Era

As of today I am no longer part of the Amazon Select program–I’ve decided to put Scriber up for sale in as many places as I can.  It should be appearing in a ton of stores in the next week.

It just went up on the Kobo store today, and to celebrate, I’m making it free there for a few days.  I’ll do the same as I get it into other stores.  Tell your friends, if they haven’t read the book and don’t have Kindles!  Hopefully this will get more people reading Scriber, we shall see what happens.

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A Brief Update

So, it’s been months!  I’ve never been a very good blogger, and this post is not going to turn that around–it’s mostly just to say I am, as before, not dead.  Probably best to treat this section of the site as simply a place to check for when the new book comes out (or even better for that, sign up for the mailing list to be notified instantly) rather than as any kind of constant update buffet, but thanks for looking!

Still at work on the next book–it’s turning out to be a longer book that Scriber, which throws off my estimates as far as release date.  I’ll post again when I’ve got more to say on that front, I promise.  Until then, happy reading and whatnot.

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