Almost Done

I’m closing in on the end of the Swampling King at long last.  There’s about ten more chapters to write, maybe a few more or less depending on where I put chapter breaks in the end.  I’m moving along at a good speed too, since it’s all endgame exciting stuff that has a lot of momentum and tends to write faster for me.  Currently I’m doing about a chapter a week, if I don’t run into interruptions, so I should be done writing before the end of the year.  That’ll give me time to edit and hopefully release by Christmas, which would be a solid present for myself, I think.  No firm release date yet, because I don’t want to break any promises when I get kidnapped for three months or something, but it’s getting real close.

So there’s my bi-yearly update (wow, I do not update this blog very often).  Keep your eyes peeled for the next one, which ought be “It’s done!”

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I'm a fantasy author and an all around swell guy.
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2 Responses to Almost Done

  1. Kilian Metcalf says:

    Please let us know when it is available for pre-order on Amazon. Thanks.

  2. bensdobson says:

    Trust me, I won’t be keeping it a secret. I may hire skywriters.

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