The Emperor’s Mask

Work is progressing quickly on the next Magebreakers novel, titled The Emperor’s Mask. These books are very quick to write, so it ought to be a matter of months. If you enjoyed The Flaw in All Magic, check back here often for updates on the release! Or just sign up for my mailing list to be notified when it comes out.

Here’s a quick blurb about the plot:

Someone is killing the non-magical members of Senate houses–those who might one day be named Protector of the Realm. And that someone is leaving taunting messages for the Magebreakers beside symbols of a shadowy organization known as the Knights of the Emperor. Under suspicion from the constabulary, Tane and Kadka are drawn into the investigation to prove their innocence.

What they find is that Audish politics are as dangerous as any Porthaven back-alley. Suddenly, they’re surrounded by the most powerful figures in the Protectorate, every one with a different agenda. Telling allies from enemies has never been harder, but Tane and Kadka will have to find someone to trust if they’re going bring the killer to justice.

Their lives–and the future of the nation–depend on it.

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I'm a fantasy author and an all around swell guy.
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