Writing is Hard

I’ve been struggling with a certain bit of plot in the Swampling King for a while, so I haven’t posted much in the way of update on that, but I think I’ve finally got it worked out.  Without spoiling anything, it was a matter of making sure all the characters could be where they needed to be for a big scene without having anyone appear there when we last saw them halfway across the world at someplace they could never make it from in time.  Keeping all these characters in hand, it’s a big job!

I’m also working on getting Scriber formatted and ready for a paperback version on Createspace.  Just need to get the cover done now.  So that’ll be cool.  Even if no one buys it, I can get myself a copy and be all “Look at this book that I wrote” to everyone I see.

I’m also going to do another post about the mythology of my upcoming series soon, because I haven’t done one in a while, but I’m still writing it up–it’s kind of hard to do them in a way that doesn’t actually spoil the plot, sometimes.

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I'm a fantasy author and an all around swell guy.
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