Amazing Review at Adarna SF

Scriber just got reviewed at Adarna SF–5/5 stars!  They don’t give too many of those out, I’m absolutely thrilled!  And I’m in good company.  The last 5 star book, just before mine, was Joseph Garraty’s Voice, which was a fabulous book.

Check it out here:

Now I just need to pick a good line from it to display in all my blurbs and covers, everywhere, forever.

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I'm a fantasy author and an all around swell guy.
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4 Responses to Amazing Review at Adarna SF

  1. ankewehner says:

    After that review I wanted to download a sample from Smashwords – I tried epub and lrf – but it did not work. I tried with a random book from the front page and it did, so it doesn’t seem to be a global problem of Smashwords. I thought you might want to look into it.

  2. bensdobson says:

    I don’t know why that would be, but when I log on as a different account and try to sample, I have the same problem. I know all the full versions work, I just tested them, but for some reason only the html online reader sample versions do. I’ve tried uploading a new version, I suspect it might have been a problem in the Smashwords conversion process. Hopefully it should be working by tomorrow, otherwise I’ll have to contact Smashwords and ask what’s up. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    UPDATE: Got it working now, apparently uploading the new version did it. Strange.

  3. Rex Jameson says:

    Congratulations, Ben. When she said she was reviewing a five star book soon, but she was swamped in November, I KNEW it was yours. Heh. Sounds like you have a really fantastic book. It’s definitely on my TBR pile. Cheers!

  4. bensdobson says:

    Thanks, Rex. I think Frida was talking about Voice when she mentioned the upcoming 5-star, though–Scriber was actually reviewed by Chris. Still, I’m psyched to be up there.

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