I should really post more

Been a long time since I posted anything–Christmas distracted me and then I was sick for a while.  Sorry!

I had been kind of waiting, too, because I hoped to announce when the paperback version of Scriber was up and ready in my next post.  Unfortunately, though, I’ve had some problems with the proof, so that’s taking a bit longer than expected.  It  will probably be a couple of weeks yet while I get a new proof sent and make sure it’s all in working order. Annoying, but necessary.

Work on the Swampling King is coming along, too, though a bit slower than I anticipated. I’m doing a lot of shifting chapters around and debating on adding or cutting various viewpoint characters.  I still hope to get the first two books in the trilogy out this year, though (I am looking at this sentence now, months later and being like, what the hell?  I’m not even going to have one finished by the end of the year.  Stupid me.).

The next post on the mythology I promised a long time back will come up eventually, but some changes I made to the background and history affected what I would have posted, and I didn’t want to post obsolete information.  So, if you’re interested in that, keep posted. Once I get the chapters and viewpoints organized properly, I’ll post a sample from the beginning of the book, too.  Man, I am overusing the word post in this paragraph.

So, there’s some news!  I wish I could have said the paperback was ready, but alas, such is life.

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I'm a fantasy author and an all around swell guy.
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2 Responses to I should really post more

  1. akamaireader says:

    looking forward to your other works. i thought you’d like to know that i posted a review of scriber on my site. it’s here http://akamaireader.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/scriber/

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