The Windwalkers and the Deeplings

Time for a bit more of the mythology of my upcoming trilogy.

After the Sky God created the world and humanity, the deep places in the Earth were still corrupt and unclean, and foul creatures grew there.  Some had the burrowing claws of the rodents that live under the ground, others had the hard carapaces of insects, still more slithered like worms, or had bodies formed from the rotting flesh of buried things.  These creatures grew jealous of the purity of the humans who lived above, and they waged war against them, striking from the depths without warning.  The humans came to call them the Deeplings, and they were led by the most powerful of their number, a monster of writhing legs and rotting flesh and terrible cunning, called the King in the Deeps.

In these early days, humanity was not equipped to fight such a terrible foe.  They had not yet learned the art of forging steel, or the tactics of war.  They needed leaders.  So the Sky God gifted his nine most favored children with his mark–the golden eyes of eagles–and his power, the High Arts, allowing them to create great miracles and soar on the winds.  These nine prophets became known as the Windwalkers, and there were three for each aspect of the Sky God.  Aryllia the Wise, Orim the Scholar, and Dasson the Pious were the Walkers of the Eagle, great leaders and philosophers and tacticians; Carris of the Fields, Luthas the Bright, and Berial the Tamer were the Walkers of the Wind, who brought the Sky God’s bounty to the land, making the crops grow and the livestock prosper; and Dalleon the Golden, Elica Braveheart, and Terene the Stern were the Walkers of the Spirit, great warriors whose strength and conviction knew no bounds.

Led by Aryllia, first of the Windwalkers and most favored of the Sky God, the people fought back against the Deeplings, seeking to rid the world of them once and for all, in a war known as the Purge.  The Purge lasted for a hundred years, until finally Dalleon the Golden, the greatest warrior ever known, bested the King in the Deeps in single combat. With the King’s defeat, the Windwalkers were able to banish the Deeplings back beneath the Earth once more.  But the Deeplings were not destroyed, only imprisioned.  While the Windwalkers led humanity to great prosperity in the aftermath of the war, the King in the Deeps watched and waited for his time to come again.

As he knew it would.

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News and Progress

I now have a mailing list to notify people when a new book comes out!  Click here to sign up, or click the link in my sidebar.

In other news, progress is coming along nicely on the Swampling King.  I’ve got the first few chapters figured out nicely.  Debating on whether or not I should cut out one of the viewpoint characters and tell their story through the eyes of the rest instead, and I’ve got a prologue I don’t know if I’ll end up using, but it’s all coming along.

I thought I’d do the occasional post on some background elements and such from the books, for anyone who’s interested.  To that end, here’s some details on the mythology:

The Sky God

In the beginning there was only corrupt earth below, and pure Spirit above, with no form or purpose.  In time, the Spirit became aware of the foulness below, and gave of itself to imbue the matter of the earth with form and consciousness, creating the world and the creatures that dwell upon it, from the simplest stones and plants and animals to the purest, most complicated spirits–human beings and the birds of the sky.  And when the work was done, all that was left above the world was the purest Spirit of all, the Lord of Eagles, the being that became known as the Sky God.

Being new to life, humanity knew not what to do, and they were fearful and lost.  But the Sky God came to them, and he said “I have given you life and soul, but your bodies are of the impure earth.  You must strive for purity in all things, that you might cleanse these bodies, and free your spirits to return to the Sky.  Do this, and you will always have my blessing.  For I am the spirit in all of you, that lets you know joy and contentment; I am the wind and the rain and the sun, that give you bounty in this life; and I am the Lord of Eagles, who waits to welcome you into my kingdom when this life is done.”

To this day, the people of the Nine Peaks worship the Sky God in his three aspects: the Spirit of All, the Wind of Grace, and the Lord of Eagles.  It is believed that the Sun is the one great eye of the Lord of Eagles, watching from above, and that the stars in the sky are the spirits of the truly pure, returned to his bosom.  But those who live impure lives are doomed to return to the earth in new, impure forms, and live again and again, until they earn their spirit’s return to the Sky.

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Scriber is (no longer) free!

The following is no longer true, but it was a sweet ride.

Scriber is currently free on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.  If anyone is interested in grabbing a copy, now would be a good time.

Last I checked, it was ranked #92 in the top 100 free books on Amazon, and #1 in epic fantasy, #2 in historical fantasy.  So that’s pretty awesome.

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My Everest

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write next, and nothing’s been quite working for me (as is evident from some of my recent blog posts), but I’ve finally come to a decision.

For a long time, I’ve had a fantasy trilogy I’ve wanted to write.  It’s the story I’ve always imagined as my epic fantasy magnum opus.  I’ve outlined it to death, and I have hundreds of pages of notes on the world and the culture and the history and the characters.  But I’ve always avoided actually getting down to writing it because I’m terrified I won’t do it justice.  It’s a view-point juggling complicated epic fantasy with a lot of characters, which is something I’ve never attempted before, and is far more complicated (at least for me) than a one-viewpoint first person narrative like Scriber.  So I’ve always ended up working on something else to “hone my craft” before I make the plunge.

But whenever I write something else, my thoughts keep coming back to this series, making little adjustments, imagining scenes.  I can’t get it out of my head, especially lately.

So, in honor of NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to take the plunge and go for it.  I’ve started working on it as of the first of the month.  It’s going to take more than a month, but I’m going to write the first 50k words this month at least.  I think trying for that goal will help me keep going despite the doubts I always have when it comes to this project.

The working title of the series is “The Windwalkers’ Legacy”, and the first  book is called “The Swampling King”, but those are just what I call them in my head–they could change.  I’m hoping this month will be the shot in the arm I needed to finally make it happen.

So, here’s a quick teaser.  Not a final blurb, just something I made up just now.


Thousands of years ago, the Windwalkers–the eagle-eyed prophets of the Sky God–raised nine mountains from the vast, deadly Swamp that engulfs the world.  They charged the people of the mountains with one task: to destroy those left in the Swamp, worshippers of the unholy King in the Deep.  Since that time, the Kingdom of the Nine Peaks has slaughtered the Swamplings in their thousands, never doubting the righteousness of this endless crusade.

But when a boy with the eyes of an eagle emerges from the Swamp, as foretold by an ancient prophecy, the Nine Peaks are thrown into chaos.  A calculating Duke seeks to use the boy to claim the throne for himself.  A Swampling clan leader sees an opportunity to save her people.  And the two sons of the King find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict that throws everything they have always believed into question.  Because if the Sky God truly wants the people of the Swamp dead, why has he given his mark to a Swampling boy?

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First Review

Scriber got its first review today on Amazon–five stars!  Pretty exciting for me, I won’t lie.  Check it out here.

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The Future

Well, my “official” release date for Scriber is here, and I’ve sent off all the free copies from my giveaway, so it’s time to worry about the next book.

I’ve already got it in the works–I’m going to be posting some information on it in the next couple days.  It’ll be the first of a trilogy, not a standalone.  That is all I will say for now, but check back soon.

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Press Release on Scriber

I’ve put out, of all things, a press release about my book.

Here it is:

I can’t say it doesn’t feel strange to be press releasing things as a generally non-newsworthy person, but there you have it!

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Scriber Early Release

Scriber is now available on Amazon!

Since they put the Last Hero up for free, I decided to release Scriber a few days early to take advantage of the free publicity.  So head on over and buy it now!  Or read a sample here first.

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Last Hero Free on Amazon

The Last Hero is currently free on Amazon, and last I checked it was at #5 in epic fantasy, and #166 overall!

I’m absolutely thrilled, I’ve been hoping Amazon would pricematch it for months, as it’s been free on Smashwords and so on for a while.  So, anyone who’s interested, grab it now to tide you over until Scriber comes out in a week.  Here’s hoping those numbers keep going up!

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Scriber Release Date

My first novel, Scriber, has an official release date. It will be coming out on October 1st. Here’s a look at the cover:

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